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Sony PSP
How to modify your camera!
A new way to watch your movies!
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Super 8 Man
to the rescue!

How to modify your camera!
How to modify your camera.

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Nikon R8!
Product Profile of the Nikon R8!
A super 8mm camera with R8 in its name?
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Canon 814XLS!
Product Profile of the Canon 814XLS
Bonus: Includes Canon Ultrawide and Telephoto Lens Specs!
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Book Review!
Finally, a GOOD book on the subject!
Finally, a book that gives Super 8 the respect it deserves.
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PX13 Battery Update!
The MR-9 battery to replace those pesky PX13 batteries.
A complete rundown on how to correctly get 1.35 volts out of a 1.5 volt battery!
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All in the Family!
Elmo C-300
Four formats on one camera! Wow!
The only camera you will ever need!
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Regular 8mm!
(In the days of M*A*S*H)
Learn all about the first small format, regular 8mm. Cameras and film and their unique abilities to recreate that "vintage" look.
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I have the first copy of Super 8 Filmaker magazine!
I finally found the last two issues from Volume One. It just goes to show if you look long enough, you will find these great magazines.
That 70's Camera!
Yashica Sound 50XL
Totally far out 70's stylin!
Yashica's best effort at a super 8 camera!
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8-Tracks and Super 8?
Groovy 8-Tracks???
The TC8 Format!
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Just the FAQs Ma'am
(Frequently Asked Questions)

"Super 8 Man" answers many of your common questions about film, cameras, and processing!
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GAF Television Commercial

Wrastlemania in 100D

Gambier Island Life

Crabby Flowers

Sailing in SF Bay

Retro chic-style in the year 2005!

Curvacious lines!

The webmaster in action!

Old school charm!

Nikon Glass and Class!

Convert your Fisher-Price Movie Viewer to show your own movies!
California State Fair

Pure 60's Style and Performance!

Divers do it underwater!

Eumig Nautica and 64T

Mysterious images from the unknown...

Long Live Super 8!
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Ektachrome 100D is Here

High-End Canon 8mm Filmmaking!
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Interchangeable Lenses
(circa 1957)

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Flowers in Mum's Garden

Eumig Nautica in Action!

Interstate 5

Autofocus and Super 8
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Elmo's Super 8 Sound 3000AF
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Super 8 Man goes

Click here to see this once in a lifetime shot!
2X the fun in Super 8mm!
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State of the State of Super 8 Filmmaking
Click here to see this once in a lifetime shot!
New perspectives and loads of information as always!
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Super 8 to DVD
Discover the Workprinter-XP
Rediscover the magic of super 8 combined with today's technology.
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Coming Soon:
Single 8 Lowdown!

My film just came back from Japan and all I can say is "Kodachrome? Who needs Kodachrome!"

The Vanishing Point
Goodbye Kodachrome 40
K40 hits the Vanishing Point
Hello Ektachrome 64

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Super 8mm Revisited
Welcome back to the home of super 8mm filmmaking!
Oops, I did it again!
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New School vs Old School!
Product profile of two Bauer Super 8 cameras!
Bauer Camera review:
Royal" vs
"C8 Makro"
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White Lightning!
Captured on Super 8mm Film
Click here to see this once in a lifetime shot!
Only possible with Super 8mm or 16mm film. Impossible with digital video cameras.
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Keen eye for the wide guy! Elmo's Super W-I-D-E
Click here to see a very rare camera!
The widest prime element ever made in Super 8mm?
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